We've been in the Cannabis industry for years, marketing for a multitude of Cannabis companies. Therefore, we have been swimming & experienced first-hand, the deep, dark, trenches of Cannabis marketing with you.
From complicated advertising regulations to social media page bans... that's why our Founder created The San Cannabis Social Club.
We provide everything from social management, organic account fan growth, brand exposure, lead generation, influencer connections, and all the creative and visual content you need to jumpstart your brand the RIGHT way.

On-Boarding Process takes only 90-minutes with us. Our goal is to get your campaigns and content up and running as quickly as possible so that we can start driving results.


We’re efficient, we're speedy, & we don’t like to waste time.


We know a lot of business owners and marketing directors in this industry that have dealt with the frustrations and challenges. Finally, we are an agency that specializes specifically and solely in Cannabis Social Media Marketing. We stay current with trends, news, and regulatory updates with your State. With that being said, we also know you’ve never worked with an agency that has the same track record as us.



Let us connect and grow your cannabis business.


We implore you to book in a discovery call with us & see why we’re taking the entire Cannabis Marketing space by storm.